Why is online tutoring better?

  1. It is convenient!!  Given our busy schedules (AND our child’s activities), cutting out the traveling time is a blessing. No more hurrying up to drive to a session, fighting traffic, having to turn around because your child forgot what they need help with at home!! Online tutoring is heaven for a parent that wants to get their child help without the hassle of adding something else to your calendar.
  2. Online tutoring is zero fuss, in the comfort of your own home, which means a more relaxed atmosphere and NO stress for you or your child!

  3. Online tutoring can happen on a snow day, school vacations or even during the summer. Being consistent will help to prevent sliding backward during time off.

  4. During flu season you don't have to worry about exposing your child to any more germs.  Also, if your child is recovering from a cold, but not good enough to make it through a full day of school, an online session works like a charm.

  5. You can find the BEST tutor for you and your child!!  Why settle for a tutor who is ‘good enough’ within the 10 mile radius around you? Get the very best tutor you can find online instead!  Your choice of awesome tutors out there is now practically unlimited. You can now get the best tutor for your child irrespective of geography

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