About me

Hello, my name is Kathy Cousineau. I am a mom of two young men and four kitties (I guess that makes me a cat lady LOL!!)


     I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a teacher (I even made my brother "play school" lol).  Through high school and college, I worked in various positions at a residential school.  After college, I stayed there until I found a teaching job.  I was SO excited to finally be living my dream! 

     For 20+ years I have been a Learning Disabilities Specialist.   I really love figuring out what a student's strengths and weaknesses are and to teach them strategies to overcome their challenges.  I also love helping the students become as independent as possible and assist them to learn to advocate for themselves.

    For nine years I was chosen as the LD classroom teacher for grades 5 & 6.  (A language-based learning disabilities classroom) I incorporated Brain Gym, yoga, ambient lighting, tons of assistive technology, and taught with a multi-sensory approach in all areas. 

    I have a unique insight into your situation.  I am not only a teacher of children with special needs but both of my boys have challenges to learn themselves.  I know what it is like to have my heartbreak because my child is struggling and I can't solve this for them.  This is especially hard for me because I am a teacher for kids just like my own. 

     Given all of my background, that is why  I am a good match to teach your child       .  I not only can understand what you & your child are going through but I have the experience to know how to pick up on how your child learns and teach them in exactly that way.

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